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© 2021 Wassererhof - Weingut & BuschenschrankDolomiten Journal - (Renovieren) – Edition May 2004

„An old shabby farm house has been carefully renovated – with attention to detail. 

A stylish Buschenschank (a seasonal inn) has been created at the Wassererhof in Völserried. The valuable old part of the building was skillfully combined with the new part. The architect Sylvia Hafner-Polzhofer from Terlano has successfully planned the mix of old and new.

© 2021 Wassererhof - Weingut & BuschenschrankBaumeister (a well-known magazine for architecture in German – Edition December 2004) 

An old farmhouse near Bolzano has been turned into a farm inn by the sons Andreas and Christoph Mock.

Together with the architect Sylvia Hafner-Polzhofer they looked for a concept beyond the Tyrolean rustical idea of architecture. Character, atmosphere and structure of the old buildings have been preserved and combined with new contemporary designs in the interior construction and furniture.

© 2021 Wassererhof - Weingut & BuschenschrankTurrisbabel
(Information bulletin of Architects and special planners, ...) – Edition March 2007

„The construction task was to restore and reshape an old farm house to a Buschenschank.

The starting point was a house made of stone walls with old wooden ceilings. It was my objective to interpret the rural construction style in a contemporary way without relying on the rustic elements.
The character and the atmosphere of the rooms have been preserved and all the old plaster and roof coverings, where they existed, were removed in order to make the old structure visible. By using contemporary, minimalistic elements we created new furnishings reflecting the austere rural way of life. Old elements have been kept willingly and interpreted in a modern way, like the wooden cubes. As far as possible the material we used was ecological building material of the own house and it was integrated with elements made of Corten steel that fits harmoniously in colour and shape.“

© 2021 Wassererhof - Weingut & BuschenschrankGeoSaison Extra
(Travel Magazine) – Edition 2008

„When the twins Andreas and Christoph took over the run-down Wassererhof, Andreas was still working as a bookkeeper.
But cooking was his passion. The Mock brothers uncovered the old natural stone walls of the main building constructed in 1366 and scraped off the soot of the old beams. They chose oak and acacia tree discs for the flooring. Frosted white lamps made of Murano- glass hang above the bare wooden table. The bar counter is made of slightly corroding steel. The result is a Buschenschank that combines the cosiness of a South Tyrolean ‘Bauernstube’ (rural living room) with the design of the 21st century.
In the kitchen Andreas Mock prepares South Tyrolean specialities with a touch of Mediterranean easiness, beetroot and Radicchio dumplings, small basil cottage cheese dumplings and ravioli with pumpkin fillings. In autumn they offer also chestnut and cabbage soup, sour beef or the meat platter. The local lamb (from the Seiser Alm) is served with polenta. Farmers from the valley of Vinschgau deliver the raw milk cheese with fig mostarda. The season of the ‘Törggelen’ begins in September with a concert because Hannes, another member of the Mock brothers, is a jazz musician.“

© 2021 Wassererhof - Weingut & BuschenschrankEnjoyably across South Tyrol
(Wine and architecture guide – SMG) – Edition 2008

„Built in the 14th Century, the Wassererhof was doomed for a long time, until the Mock family bought the homestead in 1996 and renovated it skillfully.

The architect Sylvia Hafner-Polzhofer from Terlano combined the old structure with new modern elements. In the old building, she developed two apartments and a Buschenschank, a traditional seasonal farm inn, serving regional dishes and wines from South Tyrol.

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