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Circular hike from Steg to the "Wassererhof"

Direction: from Bolzano or Chiusa to Steg.
Parking lot: near the Pizzeria Steg in direction Bolzano.
After crossing the bike path and the river Eisack From on an old wooden bridge, under preservation, follow the gently uphill trail on the right. After nearly 60 meters continue on the left side following the mark No 1 in direction Völs, it’s an old cobblestone path worth seeing.

After nearly 500 meters upwards you exit the forest and you reach a green meadow with a nice view onto the Schlern. From here follow the path marked 1 to Völs (Bar Flora)
The way down begins at the Bar Flora, but now you follow the trail marked No 2 past the farms Halserrieder. Oberpergler, Partschiller and Waggler. Now on the right side you will see the Wassererhof.

After regaining strength at the Wassererhof, you can get on your way back to the car in Steg. There are two different possibilities. You can either go the way back to the farm Waggler and then follow the road past the farms Grottner and Martschoner, then along the deciduous wood until you reach the crossing of the footpath No. 1, which goes to Atzwang


from the Wassererhof you go in direction Atzwang, cross the wooden bridge and then follow the bike path on the left side until you get to Steg.

It takes you approximately 2,5 hours for the whole circular hike.
This way you can see the beginning of the valley Eisack in a different way.

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